How to Activate MTN Missed Call Alert

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Have you ever missed an important call because your phone was switched off or out of coverage? Do you want to know who called you and automatically notify them when you can take their call? If yes, then you need to activate MTN missed call alert service.

In this article, I will show you how to activate MTN missed call alert and notifications (MCN) service. You’ll also learn how to deactivate the service and get the best out of MTN missed call notifications. Continue reading to learn more!

How to Activate MTN Missed Call Alert: A Quick Guide!

What is MTN Missed Call Alert?

MTN missed call alert is a value-added service that lets you know who called you when your phone was not reachable. It is ideal for families, businesses, and anyone who wants to stay in touch with their contacts.

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This free service notifies you of all the calls you missed while your phone was unavailable. You will receive an SMS message with the caller’s number, date, and time of the last call. 

The caller will also receive an SMS message that you’re now available to take their calls. This way, you never get to miss any calls again.

Some Benefits of MTN Missed Call Alert 

Below are some reasons why you should consider activating MTN missed call notifications:

  • You will never miss an important call as you will be notified via SMS about all missed calls even while you are roaming your mobile phone.
  • You will know when a number that was unreachable becomes available on the network.
  • You will have a list of missed call notifications from which you can choose which numbers to call back.

How to Activate MTN Missed Call Alert?

There are two  ways to activate MTN missed call alert service: SMS, and through the MTN customer service.

How to Activate MTN Missed Call Alert Through SMS

To activate MTN missed call notifications service by SMS, follow these steps:

  1. Open your messaging app or go to text message if you use a feature phone.
  2. Write “MCN” without space.
  3. Send the text to 611.
  4. You’ll get a response immediately that you’ve opted in for MTN missed call notifications for free.

How to Activate MTN Missed Call Alert Via Customer Service.

To activate MTN missed call notifications via customer service, dial 300 from the MTN line and once you get through to an agent, request for missed call notifications to be activated on your line.

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How to Check MTN Missed Call Alert/Notifications Status

To check if you already have the service activated on your phone, text STATUS to 611

How to Deactivate MTN Missed Call Alert/Notifications Status

To cancel the service, text “NOMCN” to 611.

MTN Missed Call Alert/Notifications Not Working

To ensure you receive MTN missed call alerts and notify me messages, first check if the service is activated on your phone by texting STATUS to 611. If it’s not activated, simply text MCN to 611 to activate it. 

However, if the service is already activated and you’re still not receiving messages, kindly contact MTN customer care by dialing 300 for further assistance.

MTN Missed Call Alert Not Receiving

If you’re not getting notifications for missed calls, it’s possible that you have turned on the Do Not Disturb (DND) service on your line. This service blocks unsolicited messages from MTN and other sources. 

To check if you have the DND service activated, you can send a text message with the word STATUS to 2442.

If you have DND activated, you can turn it off by sending a text message with the word STOP to 2442. Turning off DND will enable you to receive notifications for missed calls from MTN and other messages again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers about MTN missed call alert/notifications service:

Is MTN Missed Call Alert Service Free?

Yes, MTN missed call alert service is free of charge. You will not be charged for activating, deactivating, or using the service.

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How Many Missed Call Notifications Can I Receive?

You can receive as many missed call notifications as possible.

How Long Will the Missed Call Notifications Be Stored on My Phone?

The missed call notifications will be stored on your phone for 24 hours (1 day). After that, they will be deleted automatically.

Can I Activate MTN Missed Call Alert Service on Any Phone?

Yes, you can activate MTN missed call alert service on any phone that supports SMS. You don’t need a smartphone or internet connection to use the service.

Can I Activate MTN Missed Call Alert Service While Roaming?

Yes, you can activate MTN missed call alert/notifications service while roaming. However, you may not receive SMS notifications for missed calls while roaming due to network limitations in the location.

Can I Receive Missed Call Notifications From Blocked Numbers?

No, you cannot receive missed call notifications from blocked numbers. When you block a number, MTN will not send you any notifications about calls or messages from that number.

How Do I Disable MTN Missed Call Alert?

Send an SMS with the keyword “NOMCN” to 611.

What Is the Difference Between MTN Missed Call Alert and Voicemail?

MTN missed call alerts or notifications and voicemail are two different services that provide different functions. Missed call alert sends you a notification when someone calls your number when your phone is unreachable. Voicemail allows you to record messages from people who call you when you’re available or not 

How Do I Check My Missed Call History on MTN?

You’ll receive a message which contains the people that called you when your line was switched. You’ll be able to view the number of times they called and time on your message inbox.

How Do I Know if MTN Missed Call Alert/Notifications Is Activated?

You will receive a confirmation message when you activate MTN missed call alert. You can also check your settings to see if the service is enabled.

What Happens if I Have My Phone Turned Off?

If your phone is switched off, you will not receive MTN missed call notifications. However, you will still receive notifications when you turn your phone back on.


MTN missed call notifications service is a useful service that helps you stay connected with your contacts even when your phone is unavailable. The service is free of charge and works on any phone that supports SMS.

If you want to activate MTN missed call alert service today, follow the steps we have shown you in this article and enjoy the benefits of never missing an important call again. If you have issues using the service, don’t hesitate to reach out to MTN customer care for help.