mcom Subscription Plans and Prices

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mcom has different subscription plans that suits you depending on how much you browse the internet and social media. From daily usage to weekly and monthly commitments, mcom has got you covered. By subscribing to a plan matching your data needs, you can ensure you always have enough data and are within your budget.

To help you make an informed decision, let’s look at the different mcom subscription plans and prices. With mcom’s flexible and cost-effective data plans, you can stay connected without worrying about data usage or costs.

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mcom Subscription Plans and Prices


mcom Subscription Plans and Prices

Below are the mcom data plans:

Plan Name Price Data Allowance
Daily Combo ₦350 500MB
Weekly Combo (Low-End) ₦1,200 2GB
Weekly Combo (High-End) ₦1,800 3.2GB
Monthly Combo (Low-End) ₦4,000 10GB
Weekly GB (Router Low-End) ₦5,000 25GB
Mega Combo (High-End) ₦8,000 20GB
Monthly GB (Router Low-End) ₦12,000 65GB
Monthly GB (Router High-End) ₦20,000 140GB
5G CPE ₦50,000 140GB

Daily Combo Plan

The Daily Combo plan is perfect for light internet users needing daily data. Priced at ₦350, this plan offers 500MB of data, allowing you to stay connected without committing to a long-term data plan. It’s an ideal choice for individuals needing basic browsing, social media, and messaging data.

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Weekly Combo Plans (Low-End)

If you need more data than the daily plan, the Weekly Combo Low-End plan might suit you. Priced at ₦1,200, this plan provides 2GB of data, making it a cost-effective option for average internet users. With this plan, you can enjoy extended connectivity without worrying about running out of data.

Weekly Combo Plans (High-End)

For users with higher data consumption, the Weekly Combo High-End plan offers 3.2GB of data for ₦1,800. This plan is designed for individuals who need a bit more data than the low-end plan, making it suitable for light internet usage throughout the week.

Monthly Combo Plans (Low-End)

The Monthly Combo Low-End plan, priced at ₦4,000, provides 10GB of data, making it an excellent choice for users with consistent monthly data needs. Whether for work, entertainment, or staying connected with family and friends, this plan gives a reasonable data allowance, which is required for regular use.

Monthly Combo Plan (High-End)

The Monthly Combo High-End plan offers 20GB of data for ₦8,000 if you want more data. This plan is suitable for individuals with higher data consumption, allowing them to stay connected without worrying about running out of data towards the end of the month.

Weekly GB Router Plan (Low-End)

The Weekly GB Low-End plan cost ₦5,000. You’ll get 25GB of data, suitable for users with higher weekly data requirements. Whether for work-related tasks, online learning, or entertainment, this plan offers a substantial data allowance for various needs.

Mega Combo Plan (High-End)

The Mega Combo plan, priced at ₦12,000, offers 65GB of data, making it a comprehensive plan for users with substantial data needs. This plan is designed for individuals who require a large data allowance for diverse online activities throughout the month.

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The Monthly GB Low-End plan, priced at ₦20,000, offers 140GB of data, making it an ideal choice for heavy data users. Whether for streaming, gaming, remote work, or multiple connected devices, this plan gives a generous data allowance for various high-bandwidth activities.


For users with even higher data requirements, the Monthly GB High-End plan offers 140GB of data at the same price of ₦20,000. This plan is suitable for individuals needing a substantial data allowance without compromising speed and connectivity.

5G Router Plans

Mcom also offers 5G router plans, providing high-speed connectivity for home and office use. The 5G CPE plan, priced at ₦50,000, comes with a 5G SIM and 140GB of data when you buy the 5G Router, ensuring fast and reliable internet access.

Wrapping Up

Mcom offers a wide range of options to cater to diverse people. Whether you need daily, weekly, or monthly data, Mcom has cost-effective plans with reasonable data allowances to keep you connected. Additionally, the 5G router plans provide high-speed connectivity for home and office use, ensuring a seamless online experience.

Stay connected with mcom!

Frequently Asked Question

Can I Change My Subscription Plan During the Billing Cycle?

Yes, you can change your subscription plan during the billing cycle. You can always buy data to top up your existing data plan.

Are the Data Allowances for the Plans Limited to Specific Activities?

No, the data allowances for the plans can be used for any online activities, including browsing, streaming, gaming, and more.

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Do the 5G Router Plans Require a Separate Device Purchase?

The 5G router plans include the cost of the router, ensuring a seamless setup for high-speed internet access.

Can I Purchase Additional Data if I Exceed My Plan’s Allowance?

Yes, you can purchase additional data if you exceed your plan’s allowance, allowing you to stay connected without interruptions