How to Stop Airtel Airtime Deduction: A Step-by-Step Guide!

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Are you tired of your Airtel airtime disappearing without your knowledge? Do you feel like you’re being ripped off? If so, you’re not alone. Many Airtel subscribers have experienced this problem. You can do a few things to stop Airtel from deducting your airtime; this article will show you how.

In this step-by-step guide, I’ll show you how to Stop Airtel Airtime Deduction on your line, check your active subscriptions, turn off auto-renewal, and avoid being charged for services you no longer need. If you’re ready, let’s begin!

How to Stop Airtel Airtime Deduction: A Step-by-Step Guide!

Why is Airtel Deducting My Airtime?

Below are some of the common reasons why Airtel might be deducting your airtime:

  • Subscription to Premium Services: if you’re subscribed to any premium product or services on Airtel like Tech News, Health, Caller Tunes, etc. Airtel will automatically deduct your airtime to pay for the service when it’s on Auto-renewal. You can learn how to cancel Airtel auto-renewals.
  • Airtel Extra Credit: If you have taken an Airtel Extra Credit loan, Airtel automatically deducts the loan amount from your airtime balance when you recharge.
  • Data Bundle Renewal: If you have a data bundle that renews automatically, Airtel will deduct the cost of the data bundle from your airtime balance when the bundle renews.
  • Service charges: Airtel may charge a service charge for certain services, such as international calls or premium SMS. These charges will be deducted from your airtime balance.
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Those are some of the reasons why Airtel may be deducting your airtime. Continue reading to know how to stop Airtel Airtel deduction in the following paragraphs.

How to Stop Airtel Airtime Deduction

There are several ways to stop Airtel from Deducting your Airtime. Some of the most effective ways are:

  1. If you borrowed Airtime or Data from Airtel, remember that the loan amount will automatically be deducted from your next recharge. So, if you borrowed with your line and recharge but can’t find it, Airtel removed it, and you’ve successfully repaid your loan.
  2. Activate DND. Do Not Disturb restricts third parties and Airtel from sending you promotional and marketing messages. Sometimes you’ll mistakenly tap on those flash messages, and you’d be automatically subscribed to the service. Send “START” to 2442 to activate the service.
  3. Cancel all Auto-Renewals on your line. Read our article on Canceling Airtel Auto-Renewal for more details.
  4. When buying a data plan, always select “Stop my data” when you exhaust your data so you won’t automatically start paying for the internet or browsing from your Airtime.
  5. Lastly, call the Airtel customer service team on 300 and request that every active service deducting your Airtime be removed. This is one of the most effective ways.

How to Stop Airtel Airtime From Being Used for Browsing

If you don’t have active data on your line, Airtel will automatically start deducting your Airtime when you browse the internet. If you wish to stop Airtel Pay as you go, subscribe to any data plan. By doing so, you will be opted out automatically.

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Dial*312#  and choose your preferred data bundle. Check out the various ways you can buy Airtel data bundles.

How to Stop Airtel Airtime From Being Used for Data

When you buy an Airtel Data Plan, you’ll automatically stop paying with your Airtime when you browse your favorite social media pages or access the internet.

Browsing with Airtime can be expensive. You can be charged as high as N3/MB, and with the way mobile devices use data, you can finish your entire Airtime on your phone without even noticing.

How To Stop Airtel Pay As You Go (PayU/PayG)

There is no code to deactivate PAYU. To cancel PAYU on your line, kindly activate a data bundle and select the “Stop my data” option.

How to Stop Airtel Groom

Text “STOP GROOM” or “GROOM STOP” to 38043 without the quotes. This may not work for you; hence, dial *305# to view active subscriptions on your line. If you have the “Groom” service activated, choose the option to deactivate the service, and you’re good to go.

Another way to cancel this service is to call Airtel’s customer service on 300 and request for the “Groom” service to be terminated or removed from your line.

Airtel Airtime Deduction Without Notification

To stop Airtel from Deducting your airtime without notification, do the following:

  1. Dial *305#
  2. Select Active Services to see all the Services you’re subscribed to.
  3. Choose or select any of the Services.
  4. Select the option to remove/Delete or Disable.
  5. Send

Airtel Airtime Deduction Code

*400*1#. This is the Airtel PAYU code. Dial this code to stop the PAYU service which is the most common and probable reason your airtime is being deducted.

All you have to do is dial the code, *400*1# and follow the prompts or instructions to disable the PAYU service and stop the Airtime Deduction on your Airtel line.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Stop Airtel From Deducting My Airtime Without My Consent?

Check your active subscriptions by dialing *305# to see if there are any that you don’t recognize. Next, follow the tips in this article to deactivate any active subscription and cancel auto-renewal on your line.

How Do I Stop Airtel From Charging My Airtime?

Do the following to stop Airtel from charging your airtime:

  1. Cancel auto-renewals on data subscriptions and value-added services.
  2. Turn off Data PayU/PayG to stop browsing from your airtime balance.
  3. Cancel or deactivate any subscription to Airtel’s promotional offers like Groom.

Why Is My Airtel Airtime Disappearing?

There are a few reasons why your Airtel airtime might be disappearing. One possibility is that you have active subscriptions you don’t know about. Another possibility is that you’re being charged for browsing or data from your Airtime balance. If you’re unsure why your airtime is disappearing, contact Airtel customer support for help.

How Do I Check My Active Subscriptions on Airtel?

You can check your active subscriptions by dialing *305#

How Can I Deactivate My Airtel Package?

If you want to deactivate your Airtel package, you can do so by dialing *305# and following the prompts. 

What Is the Code to Check Airtel Subscription?

The code to check your Airtel subscription is *305#. When you dial this code, you will receive a list of active subscriptions.

What Is the Code for Subscription in Airtel?

The code for subscribing to an Airtel service is *305#. When you dial this code, you will be given a list of all available Airtel services. Select the service you want to subscribe to and follow the prompts.

How Do I Cancel Auto-Renewal?

You can cancel auto-renewal for any Airtel subscription by dialing *305# and following the prompts. Check out our article on canceling Airtel Auto-Renewals so you would stop being charged for services you no longer need or require.

What Is the Customer Care Number for Airtel?

The customer care number for Airtel is 300. You can call this number to get help with issues relating to Airtime Deduction on your Airtel SIM card.


I hope this guide has helped you to stop Airtel from deducting your airtime. Deductions may occur on your line because you mistakenly tapped on a promotional message from Airtel and subscribed to the service. They often come as flash messages and you’d tap without your knowledge.

To avoid this, activate Airtel DND service on your line. Once activated, you’ll stop getting annoying promotional and marketing messages from Airtel and third-party services.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with Airtel customer support.