How to Do Airtel SIM Swap

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Are you having issues with your current Airtel SIM card? It could be damaged or lost, or you want to upgrade your SIM card. Whatever the reason, you can easily swap your old Airtel SIM card for a new one.

In this article, I will guide you through the process of how to do Airtel SIM swap and answer some frequently asked questions about it. So, if you’re ready to get back your Airtel SIM card or retrieve your line, let’s begin!

How to Do Airtel SIM Swap

Airtel SIM Swap Requirements

If you’ve been wondering how to do Airtel SIM Swap, there things you should know before you can do the SIM swap, you need to meet these requirements or provide the following: 

  1. Your current phone number must be active, registered in your name, and linked to your NIN.
  2. You must have a valid form of identification (e.g., National ID card, Driver’s License, Voter’s Card).
  3. You must have a valid proof of address (This may be optional)
  4. You must be able to prove that you’re the owner of the affected Airtel number. This information could be about your last airtime recharge, date of birth, and Frequently called numbers from the SIM. 
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Airtel SIM Swap Charges

The cost of doing an Airtel SIM swap or retrieving your lost or damaged Airtel SIM is free of charge. However, you’ll be required to pay for the new SIM you’ll get. The price for the new SIM won’t be less than N1000.

Note that buying a new SIM means losing your old SIM. The data from your old SIM will be transferred to the new SIM, and you’ll get to keep your number.

How to Do Airtel SIM Swap

To do an Airtel SIM swap, follow these steps:

  1. Visit an Airtel customer service center/office or any authorized Airtel outlet or store near you.
  2. Ask the attendant for the SIM Swap form, then fill in the required information.
  3. Provide the required valid Identification and answer any security questions.
  4. Pay the required fee for the new sim.
  5. Wait for confirmation that your new sim has been activated and follow other instructions the attendant gives to complete the SIM Swap.

How to Activate Airtel SIM Card

To activate your new Airtel SIM card in Nigeria, follow these steps:

  1. Insert your new registered Airtel SIM card into your phone.
  2. Dial *386# on your phone.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Wait for confirmation that your new activated Airtel SIM card is ready for use.

How to Upgrade My Airtel SIM to 4G

To upgrade your current Airtel SIM card to 4G, do the following:

  1. Visit any authorized Airtel outlet or store near you.
  2. Ask for a 4G SIM card.
  3. Pay the required fee for the new SIM card.
  4. Wait for your new 4G SIM card to be activated.
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How to Get a 5G SIM from Airtel

You do not need to upgrade your SIM as long as you have a 4G LTE SIM and you’re in a 5G Coverage area.

However, you need to check if your phone is compatible with 5G technology. Click the link to learn more about Airtels 5G technology and how to check for compatibility.

How to Change My Airtel SIM Size

To change your current Airtel SIM card size (e.g., from micro-SIM to nano-SIM), visit any Airtel or SIM card dealer close to you and ask them to help cut your SIM. Pay the required charge, and the attendant will trim or cut the SIM to your desired size.

Although, newer SIM cards now come in three sizes Macro, Micro, and Nano. So, all you need to do is detach the part you want and insert it into your phone, and you’re good to go. However, visit an Airtel office near you to get a new SIM.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How Long Does it Take to Swap Airtel SIM?

It usually takes between 24-48 hours for an Airtel SIM swap to be completed.

Can I Swap My Airtel SIM to Another Network?

No, you cannot swap your Airtel SIM to another network. However, checkout our article on how to port to MTN, GLO, and 9mobile if you want to change your Airtel network to another.

What is the Process of SIM Swap in Airtel?

The process of doing an Airtel SIM swap involves visiting any authorized Airtel outlet or store near you, and requesting for a SIM Swap.

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How Much Does it Cost to Swap an Airtel SIM?

Airtel SIM Swap is free but you’ll have to pay for the new Airtel SIM card.

What Documents Do I Need to Do an Airtel SIM Swap?

You need a valid form of identification (e.g National ID card, Driver’s License, Voter’s Card) and proof that you’re the owner of the Airtel line.

What Happens to My Old Sim Card After a Sim Swap?

Your old SIM card will be deactivated after a sim swap. You will not be able to use it to make or receive calls, send or receive SMS messages, or use mobile data. 

Can I Do a SIM Swap Online?

No, you can’t do an Airtel SIM swyap online. Visit an authorized retailer or dealer close to you to perform a SIM Swap.

How Do I Know if My Sim Swap Has Been Successful?

You will know if your sim swap has been successful if you are able to make and receive calls, send and receive SMS messages, and use mobile data on your new phone. 

What Should I Do if I Have Problems With My Sim Swap?

If you have problems with your sim swap, you should contact Airtel customer care. They will be able to help you troubleshoot the problem and resolve it as quickly as possible.


That’s all for how to do Airtel SIM Swap. The information in this article should help you retrieve your lost or stolen Airtel SIM card and also help with upgrading your SIM.

If you’ve been searching for ways to regain access to your Airtel SIM without trouble, follow the tips in this article, and you’ll surely gain access back to your SIM in no time. Stay connected with Airtel!