How to Migrate From One Plan to Another on MTN 

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Are you tired of your current Tariff plan on MTN Nigeria and wondering how to migrate from one plan to another on MTN? You may want to migrate for cheaper calls or data plans to suit your needs. If this sounds like what you want, this article got you covered!

In this guide, you’ll be walked through how to migrate from one plan to another on MTN. Whether it’s for more data, better call rates, or exciting bonus offers, discover how to migrate from one plan to another on MTN Nigeria and unlock more exciting features!

How to Migrate From one Plan to Another on MTN 

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How to Check Your Tariff Plan

To check your MTN Tariff Plan, do the following:

  1. Dial *123#
  2. Select the first option, “Account Info.”
  3. Select the second option, “My Tariff Plan.”
  4. Your Tariff Plan will be displayed on the screen and sent to you as a text message.
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How to Migrate From One Plan to Another on MTN

If you’ve been searching for MTN Tariff Plans and Migration Codes, you’ll find them in the next paragraphs. MTN currently have 9 Tariff plans for prepaid subscribers on the network. Below are the current plans available on the network and how to migrate from one plan to another on MTN.

1. How to Migrate to MTN Pulse

Enjoy a flat rate of 11.26k/sec for calls across all local networks in Nigeria after spending 27k/sec on the first 90 seconds call of the day.

To migrate to MTN Pulse, Text 406 to 312, or  dial *406*1# or *123*2*2#.

2. How to Migrate to Mpulse

mPulse is a Tariff plan for students aged 9 to 15, offering resources to maximize their potential. It includes the mPulse tariff and website. Benefits of the mPulse tariff include A WhatsApp bonus, a data bonus on recharge, ₦200 birthday airtime reward, and special data bundles. Call at a flat rate of 15.36k/sec.

To migrate to mPulse, Text mPulse to 344 or dial *344*1# or dial *123*2*3#.

3. How to Migrate to MTN BetaTalk

Get a 250% airtime and data bonus from N1 to N999 on every recharge. Plus, when you recharge N1000 and above, you get a 250% airtime bonus and a flat N2500 for data browsing

To migrate to MTN BetaTalk, Text 404 to 312, dial 4041# or dial *123*2*1#.

4. How to Migrate to MTN TrueTalk

Enjoy a flat rate of 12kobo/sec for calls across all local networks in Nigeria after paying a daily access fee of N10 on MTN TrueTalk.

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To migrate to MTN TrueTalk, send ‘ TT’ as a text message to 131, dial 400# or *123*2*6#.

5. How to Migrate to MTN XtraValue

MTN XtraValue Tariff Plan rewards you with airtime for national SMS & calls, international calls to selected destinations, and data volumes after subscribing to any XtraValue Bundle. Choose between XtraTalk (more airtime) or XtraData (more data). 

To subscribe, dial *312*2# or *123*2*5# and select your preferred XtraValue plan. Alternatively, send the keyword of your chosen XtraValue plan to 312.

6. How to Migrate to MTN XtraSpecial

MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid offers a flat rate of 13.33k/s to ALL networks in Nigeria and nine international countries after the first 90 seconds of call at 20k/sec. Enjoy special data bundles: 15GB for ₦3,500 and 5GB for ₦1,500. 

To migrate, send ‘408’ as a message to 312. Alternatively, dial *408*1#, or *123*2*4#.

7. How to Migrate to MTN YafunYafun

MTN YafunYafun is a tariff plan for new customers who activate a new MTN SIM on the network. You can’t migrate to it if you’re an existing customer. 

Buy, register, and activate a new MTN SIM. Select MTN YafunYafun from the displayed USSD Menu when prompted, or the YafunYafun plan will be activated by default.

8. How to Migrate to Xtravalue Carte

MTN XtraValue Carte offers flexible Voice, data, and roaming bundles, allowing you to personalize your mix of national, international, roaming Voice, and data services. 

To subscribe, follow these steps:

Step 1:  Open the myMTN, click on “Bundle,” and select “Build Your Bundles”

Step 2: Choose any of the Voice or data bundles available.

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On successful subscription, you will be migrated to the XtraValue Carte plan and receive credited bundle elements.

9. How to Migrate to MTN BizConnect

The MTN BizConnect is the best Tariff plan for  Micro and Small Business owners. With MTN BizConnect, you can easily plan your business growth as you get low call rates, data bundles,  and digital services in one value-packed package. Enjoy 400MB weekly data, competitive voice call rates, business tips, CallerFeel service, and Caller Ring-Back Tone. 

To migrate to MTN BizConnect, dial * 460*1*3# or text ‘BizConnect’ to 312, and you’ll be migrated to BizConnect successfully.

How to Change MTN Plan to Another Plan

To change your Tariff Plan on MTN, follow the instructions below:

  1. Dial *123#
  2. Choose “Tariff Plans”
  3. Choose any of the available Plans that suit your needs.
  4. You’ll receive a confirmation message once the migration is successful.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Migrate From MTN Pulse to YafunYafun?

It’s not possible to migrate from MTN Pulse to YafunYafun. This is because YafunYafun is only available to new subscribers on the MTN network. It’s the default network available to all new subscribers on the network.

Which MTN Plan Is Best for Data?

Depending on whether you’re a heavy or light data user, consider the Pulse or XtraValue Tariff plan to enjoy mouth watering data discounts and plans.

How Do I Migrate From Mpulse to Normal?

To migrate to MTN Pulse, Text 406 to 312, or  dial *406*1# or *123*2*2#.

What Is the Code for MTN Plan Migration?

Find the correct code for migration to the specific data plan you want to migrate to. Alternatively, dial *123#, select option ‘2’ for Tariff plans, and choose the plan you want.


There you have it! Tips on how to migrate from one plan to another on MTN Nigeria. With this comprehensive guide, you can easily find and migrate to a Tariff plan that suits your needs. 

Whether you’re looking for cheaper calls, better data plans, or exciting bonus offers, MTN offers various Tariff plans that should suit your needs. Remember, you can only migrate for free once a month and then charged N100 per migration. If you’d like to switch to another network from MTN, checkout How to port to Airtel to switch to Airtel and still keep your number.