How to Text Someone Who Blocked Your Phone Number

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Have you ever tried to text someone and got no reply, only to find out later that they blocked your phone number? If so, you might wonder how to text someone who blocked your phone number. 

In this article, You’ll find tips and tricks on knowing if you’re blocked from texting, how to text someone who blocked your phone number and answers to some questions about texting someone who blocked you.

Without further delay, let’s begin!

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How to text Someone who blocked your Number

How to Tell If Someone Blocked You From Sending Text Messages

Here are some ways to tell if someone has blocked your phone number:

  • Your texts have yet to be delivered. If you send a text message and it does not show a delivery status (such as “Delivered” or “Read”), it might mean that the person has blocked your number.
  • When you do not get a reply to your Text Messages, these may be signs that the person didn’t receive your message, meaning that you’ve likely been blocked.
  • When you cannot see their online status or profile picture, if you use an app like WhatsApp that shows when someone is online or has updated their profile picture, and you cannot see these details for the person you are trying to contact, it might mean that they blocked your number. However, this could also happen if they have turned off these features in their settings.
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Enable Text Delivery Reports

Sometimes, you may need to turn on delivery reports for your device, so you may not get Delivery Reports for the Text messages you sent. So, turn on the Delivery Report to receive notifications if your messages were sent or not.

Follow the instructions below to enable delivery reports on your device:

For Android Devices:

  1. Open the Messages app.
  2. Tap the three dots in the top right corner.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap Advanced or General, then select your SIM card.
  5. Tap “Get Delivery reports.”
  6. Toggle the switch to on.

For iOS Devices:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap Messages.
  3. Scroll down to “Send Read Receipts.”
  4. Tap “Send Read Receipts” to receive notifications when sending text messages.

Once you turn on delivery reports, you can tell when the person gets your message and reads it; that way, you can know if you’ve been blocked.

How to Text Someone Who Blocked Your Phone Number

Try any of the options below to text someone who has blocked your phone number:

1. Use a Different Phone Number

One of the simplest ways to text someone who has blocked you is to use a different phone number. You can get a new SIM card, use a friend’s or family member’s phone, or use an app that gives you a temporary or virtual phone number. For example, Google Voice lets you create a free phone number that you can use for calling and texting within the app.

You can also use apps like Burner or TextNow that provide you with disposable or anonymous phone numbers. However, be aware that the person might also block your new number if they know it is you.

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2. Use an Instant Messaging or Social Media App

Another way to text someone who has blocked you is to use an instant messaging or social media app that does not rely on phone numbers. For example, you can use apps like WhatsApp to send messages to the person.

However, they must have an account on the same app without blocking you.

3. Use an Anonymous Texting Service

Another way to text someone who blocked you is to use an anonymous texting service that lets you send messages without revealing your identity or phone number. For example, you can use websites like (Not Free) or to text any phone number. Also, remember that the person might only reply or trust your message if they know who it is from.

To send messages anonymously with afreesms, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the afreesms website
  2. Choose “Nigeria” from the list of countries
  3. Enter the number of the person you want to text in this format: +23490xxxxx
  4. Enter the Captcha code in the space provided to verify you’re human
  5. Tap Send.

How to Text Someone Who Blocked You on iPhone

If you have an iPhone and the person who blocked you also has one, you cannot text them using iMessage, FaceTime, or regular SMS. Choose any of the abovementioned options to text someone who blocked you on your iPhone.

You can reach out to the person with another phone and ask them to unblock you or reach out to them via any social media platforms you have if they have yet to block you there.

How to Text Someone Who Blocked You on Android

To text someone who blocked you on Android, use an anonymous sending message platform like afreesms to try and contact them if you’re trying to reach out to them.

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Choose any of the other methods mentioned in this article to text anyone who blocked you on Android to be able to message them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Do When Someone Blocks You?

There’s little you can do. However, you can reach out to them through another mobile number and try to talk things through with them to get unblocked. You can follow the tips in this article to get through to them.

Can I Still Text Someone Who Blocked Me?

If someone has blocked your number, any SMS or text message from your number will not go through to them. Their phone will not receive any texts from your number. Trying to text them when blocked will result in your messages going nowhere, but you can follow the tips in this article to try and contact them.

Will SMS Be Delivered if Blocked on iPhone or Android?

No, text messages sent through SMS will not be delivered to someone if they’ve blocked you on an iPhone or Android phone; the block prevents your messages from reaching them. The same goes for being blocked on apps like WhatsApp or iMessage – you cannot contact them.

When Someone Blocks Your Number, What Does It Say?

If you try to call or text a number that has been blocked, it will either say “Number Busy” or “The Person you’re calling is unavailable” on your phone. It may say “Call ended” or just be undelivered. You may not get any message that the number is blocked, but repeated failed calls/texts show you’ve likely been blocked.

Can I Unblock My Phone Number if Someone Blocked Me?

No, you cannot unblock your phone number if someone blocks you. Only the person who blocked you can unblock your number from their settings.


There you have it! Tips on how to text someone who blocked your phone number. Texting someone who has blocked you can be tricky, but there are some ways to do it if you need to contact them for a valid reason. 

You can use a different phone number, an instant messaging or social media app, or an anonymous messaging service. As mentioned in this article. checkout how to call someone who block your number, for tips on calling a number that blocked you.

However, before you try any of these methods, ensure the person blocked your phone number and did not just ignore your messages. Also, respect their decision and do not harass or spam them with texts. If they do not want to talk to you, it might be better to leave them alone and move on.