How to Call Someone Who Blocked Your Phone Number

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Have you ever tried calling someone only to find out they blocked your number? It can be frustrating when you want to get in touch with someone but can’t directly call or text them anymore. While blocking someone is their choice, there are ways to reach out to a blocked number if you need to contact them.

In this article, You’ll learn how to call someone who blocked your phone number. So, if this is what you’ve been searching for, you’re in the right place. Without further delay, let’s dive in!

How to Call Someone Who Blocked Your Phone Number

How To Find Out If Someone Has Blocked Your Number?

The best way to confirm if someone has blocked your number on their phone is to call from your number and then another number. Do the tips below to confirm if your line has been blocked:

  • Try calling or texting the person. If the call keeps telling you the number or the user is busy, then the person may have blocked you. Also, if the text message shows as undelivered, they may have blocked you. 
  • Try calling or texting from another phone to see if the calls or texts go through. If your calls or text used to go through, but now they don’t, that’s a good indication you’ve been blocked.
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How to Call Someone Who Blocked Your Phone Number

If you want to call someone who blocked you, there are different options to try to contact them. Try any of the options below to call someone who blocked your phone number:

1. Hide Your Number Before Calling

One of the best ways to call someone who has blocked your number is by hiding your number and calling them. When you hide your number and make the call, it will go through because your number will be hidden. Hence, the call will go through.

Follow the tips below to hide your number on Android or iPhone:

2. Use Another Phone Number

One of the simplest and most effective ways to call someone who blocked your number is to borrow a friend’s or family member’s phone and call or text them. If you have another phone number the person may not be aware of, then call them with that number, and the call will go through

3. Use WhatsApp Call

If regular calling doesn’t work or goes through, try calling them through WhatsApp. This can only work if the person has not yet blocked your WhatsApp. To call them through WhatsApp, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open Whatsapp
  2. Find or locate the name you saved the number with, and tap on it.
  3. You’ll find the call button at the top-right corner of the page; tap on it.
  4. That’s it; wait for the person to take the call.

Note: The call will only go through if the person has internet access on their device and hasn’t blocked your phone number.

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4. Use Third-Party Apps

You can download some third-party apps, like Phoner or TextNow, to get a free temporary phone number to call or text from. All you need to do is download any of the Apps from the Google Playstore or iOS App Store, depending on the device you use, then register an account and follow the in-app instructions to get a virtual number that you can use to call.

How to Call Someone Who Blocked Your Phone Number on iPhone

To Hide Your Number When Calling from an iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll down and select “Phone.”
  3. Tap “Show My Caller ID.”
  4. Toggle off “Show My Caller ID”.

How to Call Someone Who Blocked Your Phone Number on Android

First, you’ll need to hide your number before calling. Follow the instructions below to hide your number:

  1. Open the Phone app or your dialer
  2. Tap SIM card settings, then select carrier features
  3. Choose your SIM card
  4. Tap Additional Settings and select Caller ID
  5. Select “Hide Number.”

When you call the person who blocked you, your number will appear hidden. This allows you to call someone who has potentially blocked your number, as your hidden number will still go through.


Check out some of the best apps you can use to call someone who blocked your phone below:

Apps to Call Someone That Blocked You

Below are some of the best apps to call someone who has blocked you. Choose any of them, download the app, and follow the in-app instructions to register an account and then get a second phone number so you can call someone who blocked you:

  1. TextMe
  2. Google Voice
  3. Phoner
  4. Burner
  5. Talkatone
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Frequently Asked Question

What Happens When You Block Someone and They Call You?

When you block someone, their incoming calls and texts will come through to your phone. When they call you, they’ll get the number busy notification. You may receive notifications of missed calls or texts using Apps like Truecaller.

What Happens When You Call or Text Someone Who Blocked Your Number?

If you try to call or text a number that blocked you, the call will not go through, and you will typically get a message that the call could not be completed. The person will not receive any missed call notifications.

If I Call Someone Who Blocked Me, Will They Know?

No, the person won’t know you called. However, the person may get a notification in the form of a missed call notification.

Someone Blocked Me. How Can I Unblock My Number Without Touching Her Phone?

If someone blocks you, there’s no way that you can unblock yourself by physically touching or having access to the phone. If you don’t have access to the phone, you can talk things through with the person, and he/she may unblock you.

How Do I Unblock My Number From Another Phone Without Touching It?

You cannot unblock your number from another person’s phone without touching it. You’ll need physical access to the phone to unblock your number.


Getting in touch with someone who blocked your number can be tricky. There are certainly ways around it, following the tips and tricks mentioned in this article. However, repeated attempts to force contact aren’t healthy if the person wants distance. 

While it can be frustrating, you’ll have to respect their boundaries. If the reason they blocked you is valid, it’s better to move on and avoid escalating the situation or crossing the line. Thanks for reading!