How to Activate & Deactivate GLO Roaming

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If you are a GLO customer and you want to travel abroad, you might be wondering how to use your phone and GLO SIM to stay connected with your contacts in Nigeria and around the world. The answer is GLO roaming, a service that allows you to use your GLO line outside Nigeria on partner networks. 

In this article, I will explain what GLO roaming is, how to activate and deactivate GLO roaming, and some frequently asked questions about the service. Without further ado, let’s begin!

How to Activate & Deactivate GLO Roaming

What is GLO Roaming?

The GLO roaming service allows you to stay connected with your friends, family and business associates while traveling abroad. This service allows you to easily call, text, and access data in many countries around the world when you travel out of Nigeria. 

As GLO continues expanding their coverage, more destinations will be added. So no matter where your travels take you, whether for business or pleasure, you can remain in contact with important people in your life using your existing GLO number by activating the GLO Roaming service.

Benefits of GLO Roaming

Here are some benefits of using and activating the GLO Roaming service:

  1. Your regular GLO number works globally so friends, family, and colleagues can reach you no matter where you are.
  2. There’s no need to buy local SIM cards or register your number in every new country. With GLO Roaming, you can stay connected across borders.
  3. GLO covers 190+ destinations across the globe. With new networks added regularly, you can stay connected anywhere, always!

GLO Call & SMS Roaming Rate and Charge

GLO offers competitive call roaming rates when traveling internationally. Rates start as low as N55 – N100 per minute for calls to Nigeria and other countries while roaming on GLO partner networks. The exact call roaming rate depends on the specific country you are visiting. 

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How to Activate GLO Roaming

The international call roaming offers allows you to make and receive calls and receive calls when you’re at your international location. Follow the steps below to activate a call Roaming bundle:

  1.   Dial *777#.
  2.   Select “Int’l Calls & Roaming”.
  3.   Choose “Roaming”.
  4.   Choose your preferred Roaming Plan from the list.
  5.   Wait for a confirmation message once the subscription is successful. 
  6. On arrival in a foreign country, switch on your mobile phone and your phone will automatically connect to an available network provider and you can start calling and browsing immediately.
  7. To manually register for a roaming network, go to your phone’s network settings, mostly under Connections or Mobile Networks. Select the option to manually search for and select an available network. Once the search completes, your phone will display a list of detected roaming network operators in your area. You can then manually select one of the available roaming networks to connect to in order to make calls, send texts and use data while abroad.

NOTE: Do step only when your mobile device doesn’t automatically detect a network in your area or destination.

How to Activate GLO Call & SMS Roaming

The international call roaming offers allows you to make and receive calls and receive calls when you’re at your international location. Follow the steps below to activate a call Roaming bundle:

  1.   Dial *777#.
  2.   Select “Int’l Calls & Roaming”.
  3.   Choose “International Call Offers”.
  4.   Choose your preferred Roaming Plan from the list.
  5.   Wait for a confirmation message once the subscription is successful. 

Note: As a roaming customer on GLO, you won’t be able to send SMS while abroad but you can receive SMS for free while Roaming at your international destination.

How Calls and Text Messages are Charged While Roaming

Both incoming and outgoing calls are charged when roaming. This differs from regular charges where typically only outgoing calls are charged. Calls are charged at a fixed per-minute rate depending on the roaming partner network, and rates can vary over time. Sending SMS messages also incurs charges at a fixed per-message rate

You’ll be charged N100 per minute for calls. You may also get 60 minutes of free incoming calls and 15 free text messages depending on the plan that you choose or buy.

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How to Activate GLO Data Roaming

Data roaming is a service that allows you to access data services while roaming on partner networks. You can browse the internet, check your emails, use social media, and stream videos and music using your GLO line. To activate a data roaming bundle, follow the instructions below: 

  1.   Dial *777#.
  2.   Select “Int’l Calls & Roaming”.
  3.   Choose “Data Roaming Bundle”.
  4.   Choose your preferred Roaming Plan from the list.
  5.   Wait for a confirmation message once the subscription is successful.

How to Make Calls While Roaming Abroad

To call any country when you’re abroad, follow the instructions below:

  1.       Open your dialer, press +.
  2.       Enter the country code, or enter the area code e.g., enter +44 or 234 after + if you’re calling Nigeria
  3.       Enter the area code if you’re calling an Airtel number in your destination abroad e.g., 001.
  4.       Dial the phone number, e.g., +234 805 585 1145or +44 171 1234567

GLO Call Roaming Not Working

If you cannot make or receive calls while roaming internationally on GLO, ensure your mobile device has active roaming capability enabled. Check that your phone’s roaming settings are turned on under Network or Cellular Options in Settings. Try restarting your device or turning airplane mode on and off to force a reconnection to an available roaming network.

Also, manually select a roaming network from the available options if your phone isn’t automatically connecting. As a last resort, You can contact Glo Customer Care via email at [email protected] or by calling;

Postpaid – +2348050020200 

Prepaid – +2348050020121

NOTE: International call rates apply for all calls to Customer Care while roaming

GLO SMS Roaming Not Working

To fix issues sending or receiving SMS text messages while roaming on GLO’s partners, first confirm if you have an active roaming bundle on your GLO account. Check your phone’s roaming settings to allow SMS messages. Restart your device and manually select a roaming network if your phone won’t automatically connect.

NOTE: You may not be able to send SMS while Roaming on GLO, but you can receive text messages. Call GLO’s Customer service to confirm if you can send an SMS from your destination.

How to Check GLO Roaming Balance

To check your GLO Roaming balance is easy, the step is the same with the way you check your data or airtime balance while you’re in Nigeria. To check your remaining balance, dial *323# to check your data balance or dial *310# to check your airtime bundle.

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When you dial any of the above code, you will receive a text message with your Roaming balance.

How to Deactivate GLO Roaming

To deactivate GLO roaming, you need to follow some steps after you return from your trip:

  1.   Go to Settings.
  2.   Select SIM Cards and Mobile Networks
  3.   Choose “GLO”
  4.   Scroll down and tap ”Roaming.”
  5.   Toggle the Roaming switch to Off.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If I Am Eligible for GLO Roaming?

GLO Roaming is available to all GLO prepaid and postpaid customers as long as you have an active SIM card and enough credit or airtime on their account.

 How Do I Know if My Destination Country Is Covered by GLO Roaming?

You can check the list of countries covered by GLO roaming on the GLO website or by contacting the customer care service. Follow the instructions below to check if your travel destination is covered by GLO:

  1. Dial *777#
  2. Choose either Call or Data Roaming
  3. Select the option “List of Countries and Partners”
  4. The eligible countries and destination will be displayed on the screen.

How Do I Know Which Network to Select While Roaming?

When traveling abroad, your mobile phone will automatically detect and register with an available network operator in the visited country when powered on. This allows your phone to connect seamlessly.

Alternatively, you can manually select a network operator by using your phone’s network selection menu. After searching, your phone will display a list of all accessible network operators in the area. You can then choose one to connect to in order to make calls, send texts, and access data from your device while roaming. 

Does GLO Charge for Incoming Calls While Roaming?

Yes. You’ll be charged for all incoming calls while Roaming.

How Can I Get Recharge Vouchers While Roaming?

You recharge your GLO line while Roaming by choosing any of the option below:

  • Ask a friend or family member back home in Nigeria to purchase a GLO recharge card or voucher and text you the PIN code to manually enter into your phone. This allows you to conveniently recharge from afar.
  • Locate a paypoint or payzone outlet at your international destination and directly purchase a GLO recharge voucher in person. These outlets can be found worldwide.
  • Recharge your account online by visiting the GLO website and using their online top-up feature “Recharge”. This option is the quickest and easiest way to recharge airtime and data while roaming.

You can check out how to recharge GLO airtime, to recharge your GLO line before leaving the country.


Roaming with GLO allows you to stay connected with your friends and family while traveling abroad. By following the simple steps to activate and deactivate roaming outlined in this post, you can avoid unnecessary roaming charges and take control of your mobile usage abroad. 

Just remember to activate roaming before your trip and deactivate it when you return home. With the right settings enabled, you can use your GLO SIM with stress worldwide. Enjoy your travels knowing you can stay connected with your GLO SIM abroad!