How to Block a Stolen Xiaomi Redmi Phone

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Losing a phone, especially if it’s stolen, can be distressing. However, Xiaomi offers tools and features to help you secure your device and prevent unauthorized access. If you are looking for information on how to block a stolen Xiaomi Redmi phone, you have come to the right place. 

This article will explore how to block a stolen Xiaomi Redmi phone and ensure your data remains secure. Losing your phone can be a stressful experience, but with the right steps, you can protect your information and prevent unauthorized access. 

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How to Block a Stolen Xiaomi Redmi Phone

Setting Up a Mi Account

To secure your Xiaomi Redmi phone, the first step is to create a Mi account if you haven’t already done so. A Mi Account allows you to manage and protect your Xiaomi devices, including your smartphone. 

To create a Mi Account, you can visit the official Xiaomi website or use the Mi Account app on your device. Follow the instructions to set up your account, which usually include providing your email address or phone number and creating a strong password. 

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Once you have created your Mi account, you must link your Xiaomi Redmi phone to the account. This process may vary slightly depending on your device model and software version, but generally, you can access the Mi Account settings on your phone and follow the prompts to link your device to your account.

How to Block a Stolen Xiaomi Redmi Phone

Choose any option below to block, track, or lock your stolen Xiaomi Redmi phone. Ensure you’re logged in to your Mi account on the phone, and ‘Location Services’ is always turned in for any of the options below to work more effectively.

1. Using Mi Cloud Tool

Follow the instructions below to block or find your stolen Xiaomi Redmi Phone:

  1. Visit the Mi Cloud website and sign in with your Mi account. Register an account if you don’t have one.
  2. On the homepage, you will see a list of your Xiaomi devices linked to your MI account. Select the device you want to block and click ‘Find Device.’
  3. You will see a map showing the location of your device. If your device is online, you can also see its battery level, network status, and SIM card information. You will see the last known location and time if your device is offline.
  4. To block your device, click ‘Lost Mode’ at the bottom of the page. You will see a pop-up window asking you to enter a phone number and a message on your device’s lock screen. You can also enable the ‘Erase Data’ option, which will delete all the data on your device once it is online. Click on ‘Turn on Lost Mode’ to confirm.
  5. Once you turn on Lost Mode, your device will be locked, and the phone number and message you entered will be shown on the lock screen. The device will also ring loudly for 5 minutes, even in silent mode. You can also track the location of your device in real-time and see its history. You can also send commands to your device, such as ‘Play Sound,’ ‘Erase Data,’ ‘Take Photo,’ and more.
  6. Enter your MI Account password on your device’s lock screen to unblock your device. You can also turn off Lost Mode on the website by clicking on ‘Turn off Lost Mode’ at the bottom of the page.
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2. Blocking via IMEI

To block your Redmi phone using IMEi, you first need to retrieve your phone’s IMEI number (dial *#06# on your device) or check your phone’s packaging to find your IMEI number. Go to the police or any relevant authorities, which will help you track, block, or retrieve your stolen phone.

Alternatively, contact your network carrier and provide them with the IMEI number to block the phone due to theft or loss.

How to Lock Your Xiaomi Redmi Phone Remotely

Follow the instructions below to lock your Xiaomi Redmi Phone remotely:

  1. Visit the Xiaomi Find Device website on any web browser.
  2. Sign in with your Mi account.
  3. Select your lost Xiaomi phone.
  4. Click on “Lock Device.”
  5. Enter a message for the lock screen.
  6. Set a new lock screen password.

Final Words

Losing or having your Xiaomi Redmi phone stolen can be a frustrating and potentially damaging experience. However, by taking proactive measures such as enabling device locks, using anti-theft apps, and keeping your software up-to-date, you can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your data. 

Additionally, acting quickly to block your stolen device and reporting the theft to the appropriate authorities can increase the chances of recovering your phone or preventing further misuse. 

Remember, being vigilant and implementing preventive measures is the best way to protect your Xiaomi Redmi phone and the sensitive information it contains. Check out ⁠⁠How to Hard Reset Xiaomi Redmi Phone if your phone has issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Track My Lost MI Phone?

If you’ve enabled Find My Device in your Xiaomi settings, you can track the location of your lost phone by visiting the Find My Device website and using the Find My Device option on the homepage.

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How Do I Find My Phone on Xiaomi MI Account?

Visit the Mi Cloud website and sign in with your Mi account. Select your lost Xiaomi phone and use the available features to locate it.

How Can I Recover My MI Account Password Without Email and Phone Number?

Go to Settings on your phone, select Xiaomi Account on your device, and choose “Sign in with Xiaomi Account.” If you forgot your password, tap “Forgot password” and choose the option to reset recovery information.

How can I find my Mi device by IMEI number?

You can find your Mi device by its IMEI number by signing in to your Mi Account and using the “Find Device” feature. Alternatively, you can contact your mobile service provider and provide them with the IMEI number to assist in locating or blocking the device.

Which code is used to check the IMEI number?

To check the IMEI number on your Xiaomi Redmi phone, dial *#06#. This will display the IMEI number on your device’s screen.