4 Simple Methods on How to Unshare GLO Data Now!

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GLO allows you to add up to 5 GLO users to your data plan, and they’ll enjoy immediate fast data services just like you. But, have you ever shared your GLO data with a friend or family member, only to find that they’re using it more than you are? Or maybe you’ve decided to cancel your data plan, but you don’t want the other person to be able to use it anymore. If so, you’re in luck! 

In this blog post, We’ll show you how to unshare GLO data in just a few easy steps. Keep reading to learn how to unshare GLO data and take back control of your data plan!

4 Simple Steps on How to Unshare GLO Data Now!

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How to Unshare GLO Data Using USSD Code

If you’re wondering how to unshare GLO Data using a USSD code, follow the quick instructions below:

Step 1: Dial the code *777# and press send from your default phone dialer app.

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Step 2: Choose the option for ‘Data’ from the list.

Step 3: Select ‘Share Data Plan’ on the next page.

Step 4: Choose ‘Unshare.’

Step 5: Enter the GLO number you want to remove and press ‘Send.’

Alternatively, *127*01*(recipient’s number)# to remove them from your list without using the above process and the number will be automatically removed from your data sharing list.

How to Unshare GLO Data Via SMS

To Unshare GLO Data via SMS is straightforward, Send “Remove (GLO Number)” to 777 as a text message from your messaging app. e.g. Send “Remove 08073542915” to 777.

How to Unshare GLO Data Online

To unshare GLO data online from the GLO self-care portal, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the GLO self-care portal and sign in with your GLO account credentials.

Step 2: At the top of the homepage, tap the three-dotted icons and select the ‘Account’ option.

Step 3: Choose ‘Shared Data or Shared Subscriptions.’ This will display a list of GLO numbers with which you have shared your data.

Step 4: Select ‘Delete’ next to each number you want to remove, and they will be removed from your data-sharing list.

How to Unshare GLO Data Using the GLO Cafe App

The GLO Cafe App is another effective way to Unshare GLO Data. To Unshare GLO Data Using the GLO Cafe App, do the following:

Step 1: Install the GLO Cafe app on your phone. Open the app and register or log in.

Step 2: Tap “Share/Gift” on the homepage.

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Step 3: Select “Share Data” from the tabs.

Step 4: Find the list of numbers you share data with, then tap the red delete button next to the contact you want to remove.

By following these steps in the GLO Cafe app, you can easily manage your shared data and remove any number you want to Unshare data with.

How to Unshare Data on GLO Without Knowing the Number

install the app, register or log in, select “Share/Gift,” choose “Share Data,” tap the red delete button next to the contact you want to remove, and you’re done! 

How to Unshare GLO Data to Another GLO Line

Dial *127*[friend’s number]# on your phone’s dialer. Replace [friend’s number] with the phone number of the person you want to unshare your data with, then Press # and send. Also, you can dial *777# and select data plans then follow the prompts to remove any number using your data plan.

You will receive a confirmation message that your data has been unshared.

How to Check List of People Using My GLO Data

Send “List” to 777. Alternatively, dial *127*00# and a list of the GLO numbers sharing or using your data plan will be displayed on the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Happens When You Share Glo Data?

Unlike Data transfer, when you share your data with friends and family, they will have access to your data bundle until it gets exhausted. This means that there’s no specific amount of data allocated to them, rather they have full access to the data plan.

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Who Is Sharing My GLO Data?

Find out who is sharing your data on Glo, by dialing *127*00#. If you find any strange numbers, follow the tips in this article to remove them. Alternatively, you can buy GLO Data for your friends and family instead of sharing your data plan.

How Can I Stop Someone From Sharing My Data on GLO?

Follow any of the options mentioned in this article to stop or remove anyone using or sharing your GLO Data bundle.

How Do I Unshare My GLO Data with Someone?

Dial *127*02*[GLO Number]# 

Can I Unshare Myself From Someone’s GLO Data?

Technically, you cannot Unshare yourself from someone’s GLO Data if you’ve been added to the list by yourself. If you want to Unshare, call the person who shared the data and he or she will remove you from the List.


There you have it! Tips on how to Unshare GLO Data plans quickly. Remember, once you have unshared GLO data, the person or people who were sharing your data will no longer be able to use it. However, to save you from the stress you can choose to buy GLO Data for your friends and family using the new USSD Code for GLO. Stay connected with GLO!