List of All the New USSD Codes for MTN, Airtel, GLO & 9mobile

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USSD codes are a quick and convenient way to manage your mobile phone account. You can use them to check your balance, top up your airtime, pay your bills, and more. So if you’re looking for a list of all the new USSD codes for MTN, Airtel, GLO & 9mobile? Look no further! This post has got you covered!

In this blog post, you’ll find the compilation of a list of all the new USSD codes for MTN, Airtel, GLO & 9mobile. Whether you want to check your data balance, recharge your account, or activate exciting offers, these codes will be your go-to resource. Let’s begin! 

List of All the New USSD Codes for MTN, Airtel, GLO & 9mobile

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New USSD Codes for MTN

This are the new USSD codes for MTN:

Code   Description

*310#   Check account balance

*311#   Recharge airtime

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*312#   Buy data

*321#   Share data

*303#   Borrow airtime

*904#   Buy airtime and data from your bank account

*996#   Verify your NIN

*305#   Manage your VAS subscriptions

*300#   Customer care

To use the new USSD codes, dial the code on your phone and follow the prompts. For example, dial *312# and follow the prompts to buy data on MTN.

New USSD Codes for MTN

New USSD Codes for Airtel

Check out  the latest USSD Codes for Airtel below:

  • To recharge your Airtel line with a Recharge card, dial *311*Recharge PIN# for airtime recharge.
  • Check your current airtime balance by dialing *310#.
  • To borrow airtime from Airtel, dial *303#.
  • Purchase data bundles from Airtel by dialing *312#.
  • Share your data bundle with another Airtel customer by dialing *321#.
  • Check your current data balance by dialing *323#.
  • Dial *996# to check the status of your NIN registration.
  • Access a variety of value-added services, such as ringtones, games, and news, by dialing *305#.
  • Activate or deactivate Do Not Disturb services by dialing *3442# for DNND Services.

New USSD Codes for GLO

Below are the list of the new USSD codes for GLO:

Airtime recharge: *311*Recharge PIN#

Airtime balance: *310#

Borrow airtime: *303#

Buy data: *312#

Share data: *321#

Data balance: *323#

Check NIN: *996#

VAS services: *305#

You can use these new codes to access all of the same services that you were able to access with the old codes.

New USSD Codes for 9mobile

As of May 17th, 9mobile codes were changed to align with the newly introduced NCC harmonized shortcodes. 

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This change is in line with the NCC’s consumer-centric approach to telecoms regulation. Checkout the new codes below: 

  1. To reach the 9mobile customer service center,  call 300.
  2. To check your airtime balance, dial *310#.
  3. To check your data balance, dial *323#. 
  4. To load a recharge card, please dial *311*PIN#. 
  5. To access our different data plans, please dial *312*1#, then follow the prompts to buy a 9mobile data plan.
  6. For voicemail services, call 302. 
  7. For MoreCredit service, dial *303# and follow the prompts to borrow airtime on 9mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is the Code for MTN Nigeria Self-Service?

The MTN Nigeria Self-Service code is *123#. Dial the code to perform several operations like finding information about your MTN SIM, stopping or activating DND services, checking or buying data plans, migrating between different MTN tariff plans, etc.

What Is the Code for Airtel’s Best Offer?

*121*1#. Dial this code to enjoy amazing offers and benefits on the Airtel network.

How Do I Buy MTN Data With USSD Code?

 You can subscribe to any MTN data bundles by Dialling *312*1#  and selecting your preferred data plan.

What Is *121# Used for in MTN?

When you dial *121#, you get access to amazing data offers, recharge bundles, and Value Added Services on MTN.

What Does * 555 * Mean in Airtel?

When you dial *555*Recharge PIN# With Airtel, you’ll get six (6) times the recharge value.

How to Do Data ++ on Airtel?

Dial *154*2# to do data ++ on Airtel. When you dial the code, follow the prompts to choose a suitable data plan or bundle.

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What is GLO Code For Everything?

*777#. When you dial *777#, you can manage almost everything concerning your GLO mobile number, from buying data plans, checking your Tariff plan, or migrating many other things.

What Is 555 Used for in GLO?

*555*Recharge PIN# gives you 5x your recharge when you load a physical scratch card on GLO.


There you have it, a list of all the new USSD codes for MTN, Airtel, GLO & 9mobile. You can use these new codes to access all of the same services you could with the old codes. However, it is important to note that the old codes will no longer work.

The new codes might be a bit challenging to memorize but use them more often to enable you to get used to them. Sometimes, you may get an error message while trying to use the new codes, do not worry; wait a few seconds and try again. Stay connected!