GLO USSD Codes Not Working: Fixed!

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Are you frustrated with GLO USSD codes not working? You’re not alone; other GLO users are facing the same issues due to the recent change of USSD codes in line with NCC regulations. But you don’t have to worry any more; this post got you covered!

In this blog post, you’ll find the solutions to the problems you’ve been facing and the new working GLO USSD codes. So, if you’re ready to regain control over your GLO services and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity, keep reading to learn how to fix GLO USSD Codes Not Working!

GLO USSD Codes Not Working: Fixed!

GLO USSD Codes Not Working

Checkout the GLO USSD Codes not working, the new working codes and how to fix the problem.

GLO 121 USSD Code Not Working

Is GLO 121 USSD code not working when you’re trying to contact Customer care? If you’re having issues, the USSD code has been changed. To fix this, dial 300 from your GLO line, and you should be connected to a service agent who will resolve all your complaints.

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GLO *124# USSD Code Not Working

To check your credit balance on GLO Network, you’ll dial*124#, and your balance will be displayed on your screen. However, *124# will no longer work. To check your credit balance dial the new code *310#; this should fix the issue with *124# not working.

GLO *123# USSD Code Not Working

You will get error messages if you recharge your GLO line by dialing *123# or *123*Recharge Pin#. This is because the code has been changed due to regulatory policies by NCC.

To fix this problem, dial the new code *311# and follow the voice to enter your recharge pin or dial *311*Recharge Pin# and wait for the confirmation that the recharge is successful.

GLO *127# USSD Code Not Working

To check your data balance on GLO, dial the new code *312#. Follow the prompts and select the option to check your data balance, and it will be displayed on your screen or sent to you as a text message. Using the USSD will not work and will return error messages.

GLO *321# USSD Code Not Working

*303# is the new working code to borrow airtime or data on the GLO network. So, to fix GLO *321# USSD code that is not working, dial *303#. Dial the code to choose if you’re borrowing airtime/data, and follow the prompts to complete the transaction.

GLO *777# USSD Code Not Working

You may get error messages if you want to buy data on GLO and dial *777#. The new code you should use is *312#. Dial the code and follow the prompts to select the amount of data you want, and wait for a confirmation message. Using the *777# will not work, so use the new code *312#.

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GLO USSD Code Not Working Today

If your GLO USSD code is not working today, try the following troubleshooting tips:

  • Check network coverage and move to an area with better signal strength. Weak signals can disrupt USSD services.
  • Restart your phone to reset network connections.
  • Ensure your phone is not in airplane mode and cellular data is enabled. USSD codes need active network connectivity.

What to Do if GLO USSD Codes Are Not Working

Here are some tips on what to do if GLO USSD codes are not working:

  • Try the USSD code again after some time – network congestion is sometimes temporary.
  • Restart your phone. Sometimes, turning your phone off and on again can resolve temporary network issues.
  • Make sure your phone is not in airplane mode. USSD codes do not work when airplane mode is active.


Other Active USSD Codes

  • To stop any Value Added Services (VAT): Dial *305# and follow the prompts to choose the service and deactivate it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is * 777# With Glo Number?

*777# is Glo’s old USSD short code which enables customers to recharge their Glo lines from their bank accounts. The new code is *312#.

What is * 555 used for in Glo?

Recharges with special code *555*recharge PIN# for physical recharges and get bonuses on all recharges from N100 and above.

Why is USSD Code Not Working 

Either you’re using the old code that has been changed, or you don’t have a network connection. Check if you have the network and your phone is not in flight mode. Also, use the new codes mentioned in this article, and you won’t have issues.

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This post has provided the solutions to the GLO USSD code issues you may have been experiencing. With the recent changes in USSD codes due to NCC regulations, it’s important to use the new working codes for uninterrupted service. 

Dial 300 to contact GLO customer care instead of 121, check your credit balance with *310# instead of *124#, recharge your line with *311# instead of *123#, and check your data balance with *312# instead of *127#. Remember to use *303# to borrow airtime or data and *312# to buy data. To stop Value Added Services, dial *305#, and to link your NIN, dial *996#. Stay connected!