10 Best & Unique Things To Do In Lagos

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Eko o ni baje o! Welcome to Lagos, the heartbeat of Nigeria and arguably West Africa, where the hustle never stops and the fun never ends. If you’re looking for a city that’ll keep you on your toes (quite literally, with our traffic), you’ve come to the right place. Lagos isn’t just a city; it’s an experience, a vibe, a rollercoaster ride that’ll leave you breathless and begging for more.

So, buckle up, grab your adventurous spirit, and let’s dive into the 10 Best and Unique Things To Do in Lagos – This jungle we fondly call ‘Lasgidi’ or ‘Eko.’ 

Trust me, by the time we’re done, you’ll be saying “Eko for show!” like a true Lagosian.

10 Best & Unique Things To Do In Lagos

10 Best & Unique Things To Do In Lagos

If this is your first time in Lagos, please take this advice from me and ‘Shine your eyes’ (Be Vigilant). You don’t want to be pick-pocketed and have your valuable possessions carted away by thieves and hoodlums prying the nooks and crannies of Lagos.

Before we get to the details of this article, please be very careful in Lagos. Do not ask for directions from just anyone you see, and don’t act like a ‘Johnny Just Come’ (A Newbie or Visitor), or else you may regret it as people are waiting to feed on your ignorance.

Now, let’s get to the details of the article:

1. Step Back in Time: A Slave Trade Tour at Badagry

The Point of no return

Picture this: you’re standing on the same ground where millions of Africans took their last steps on our home soil before they were transported into slavery, never to see their homeland again. Eerie, right? Badagry, a coastal town just outside Lagos, was one of the largest slave ports in West Africa. It’s like stepping into a history book, but it gets more intense when you visit there in flesh and blood.

On this tour, you’ll visit the Badagry Heritage Museum, the first storey building in Nigeria (yes, we’re that proud of it), and the infamous “Point of No Return,” where the enslaved people were passed onto ships to sail into slavery. 

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You’ll also see the Vlekete Slave Market, where humans were once traded like commodities. It’s not all doom and gloom, though – the tour ends with a visit to any Badagry market of your choice or a beach for some refreshing coconut water. Because nothing says, “I’ve just had an intense historical experience,” like sipping on nature’s energy drink, right? This should help you feel relaxed from what you just experienced.

If you love adventure with it being rooted in history and culture then this is one thing you must do when you visit Lagos. You will appreciate the times we are in and the freedom you have. Now, let’s get to the next best thing.

2. Walk on the Wild Side: Lekki Conservation Centre Canopy Walkways

Lekki Conservation Centre Canopy Walkways

Imagine a place in Lagos where the air is fresh, the trees are abundant, and the only honking sound you’ll hear is from the birds. No, you’re not dreaming – you’re at the Lekki Conservation Centre! This 78-hectare urban forest is like Lagos’ very own Amazon Rainforest.

Now, here’s where it gets exciting. The center boasts Africa’s longest canopy walkway, stretching 401 meters. That’s longer than four football fields! As you wobble your way across (don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe), try not to look down if you’re afraid of heights. 

But if you do, you might spot some wildlife. Just remember, what goes up must come down, so save some energy for the return; walk back to where you started! So, if you love nature and want an adventure then you should visit the Lekki Conservation Centre.

3. A Boat Cruise at Tarkwa Bay

Are you tired of the Lagos traffic? How about we swap those car horns for the gentle breeze of the ocean caressing your face? Tarkwa Bay is a little slice of paradise, just a boat ride away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s like Lagos’ secret escape room, except instead of being locked in, you’re free to roam a beautiful beach.

Hop on a boat and cruise your way to peace and tranquility. Along the way, you’ll get a unique view of Lagos’ coastline. It’s like a sightseeing tour but with a higher chance of getting splashed. 

When you visit Tarkwa Bay, there are lots of fun things to do, like swimming, lying in the sun, or even learning to surf. You might find out you’re really good at it, or you might fall off the board and make others laugh. Either way, it’s all about having a good time!

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4. A Tour of Lagos Beaches

A Beach in Lagos

Lagos isn’t called ‘Eko Akete’ (Lagos by the Lagoon) for nothing. Lagos has a lot of beaches it can take you days to visit all of them. Some of the most popular ones include:

  1. Landmark Beach
  2. Elegushi Beach
  3. Alpha Beach
  4. La Campagne Tropicana
  5. Oniru Beach
  6. Tarkwa Bay Beach
  7. Whispering Palms, amongst others

At Lagos beaches, besides swimming and getting a sand bath, you can play soccer on the sand, ride horses, or take a ride on one of those boats Or, you can chill and drink from a coconut. Being lazy is a cool thing to do here on the beach!

5. Visit The Nike Art Gallery

You’re probably thinking about the famous Nike brand that makes sneakers and shoes, but no, I’m not talking about the sportswear brand. Nike Art Gallery, founded by Nike Davies-Okundaye, is a five-story building packed with over 8,000 artworks. It’s like Disneyland for art lovers, minus the overpriced food and long queues at the gallery.

From traditional Adire textiles to contemporary paintings, this gallery has it all. You can even watch artists at work and try your hand at some traditional crafts. You might discover your hidden talent for Adire-making or even painting itself. 

If not, there’s always the gift shop where you can buy some Nigerian art to impress your friends back home.

6. A Walk at Night to Enjoy Lagos Street/Staple Food

As the sun sets, Lagos’ street food scene comes alive. Head to Ojuelegba for some mouth-watering asun (spicy goat meat), or try ewa agoyin and bread. No Lagos food adventure is complete without trying:

  1. Suya: Spicy grilled meat that’ll set your taste buds on fire (in a good way).
  2. Agege Bread: So good, they named a whole area after it.
  3. Ewa Agoyin: Mashed beans with a spicy sauce that’ll make you forget all about baked beans.
  4. Gala and La Casera: The unofficial meal of Lagos traffic.

Remember, calories don’t count when you’re on vacation or a food adventure!

7. Picnic in the Past: Freedom Park Lagos

Once upon a time, Freedom Park was a colonial prison. Now, it’s a leisure park where Lagosians come to relax, proving that even the gloomiest places can have happy endings.

Pack a basket (remember some chilled cocktails or mocktails), grab a mat, and find a spot under one of the many trees. As you munch on your snacks, imagine the tales these old prison walls could tell. It’s like having a picnic in a history book but with better food and fewer exams.

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8.Attend a Comedy Show or Musical Concert

Lagos’ entertainment scene is hotter than our peppers! There are a lot of shows, whether it’s a comic event or a musical event, happening every weekend in Lagos. You can also sneak into an Owanbe (Party) close to you to feel what a party in Lagos actually feels and looks like. Below are some fantastic places you can check out for entertainment shows:

  1. Eko Hotel: Where the big guns of comedy and music often perform.
  2. Terra Kulture: For a mix of theatre, comedy, and music.
  3. Hard Rock Cafe

Prepare for some rib-cracking jokes about Lagos traffic, NEPA (our pet name for the electricity company), and Nigerian parents. If you’re at a concert, get ready to dance like nobody’s watching (because, trust me, in Lagos, everybody’s too busy minding their business to watch you).

9. Visit The Fela Shrine

Fela Kuti was to Afrobeat what jollof rice is to Nigerian cuisine. He was a musical genius, a political rebel, and a fashion icon all rolled into one.

The New Afrika Shrine, run by Fela’s children, is where you go to experience the legacy of this legend. It’s part concert venue, part museum, and 100% vibes. Even if you don’t understand Pidgin English or Yoruba, the music will move you. Just be prepared for a late night – things don’t really get started until after 10 pm.

10. Run or Jog Through The Third Mainland Bridge

Third Mainland Bridge

At 11.8 km, the Third Mainland Bridge is the longest in West Africa. That’s right, we don’t do things by half in Lagos!

If you want to go beyond the limits, challenge yourself and your muscles, plus you love daring adventures, then try your legs running or jogging through the whole length of the third mainland bridge.

Early morning is the best time for this run. As you jog, you’ll be treated to stunning views of the Lagos Lagoon on one side and the city skyline on the other. It’s like running on water but without the whole walking-on-water miracle thing. Just remember to bring water – Lagos heat is no joke!

Final Words

There you have it – 10 Best & Unique Things To Do In Lagos. From historical tours to beaches, from art appreciation to street food adventures, Lagos has something for everyone. It’s a city that’ll challenge you, excite you, and leave you with stories to tell for years to come. If you’re wondering when is the best time to visit Lagos, you’ve got your answer in the article. Just click the link.

So, pack your bags, bring your sense of adventure (and some stomach medicine, just in case), and get ready to fall in love with Lagos. Who knows, you might end up staying longer than planned. 

After all, as we say in Lagos, “Eko gb’ole, o gb’ole” – Lagos accommodates all!