Fully Funded PhD Scholarships In Canada For International Students

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Individuals looking forward to kickstarting their PhD in Canada can now secure a scholarship, there are many fully funded PhD scholarships in Canada for International Students. Most students find it hard to pursue a doctoral degree abroad because of the expenses involved in carrying out research and travelling, the Canadian PhD scholarships were designed to help students who are not financially stable to handle their studies, the provision of fully funded PhD scholarships can enable students further their studies in Canada with little or no concerns of finance.

Fully Funded PhD Scholarships In Canada For International Students



Are There Any Fully Funded PhD Scholarships In Canada?

The Canadian government offers many scholarships for PhD students, carrying out doctoral research is very expensive, especially in foreign countries, this is why many universities in Canada offer PhD scholarships for up to $30,000 – $50,000, The scholarship expenses cover up the 3 years PhD program, scholarships like the Vanier Graduate Scholarships offer fully funded PhD Scholarship in Canada.


Universities In Canada That Give Full PhD Scholarship For International Students

There are quite several universities that give fully funded PhD scholarships in Canada to international students, here is a list of some of the universities that offer fully funded PhD scholarships in Canada for international students.

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1. University of Waterloo: The University of Waterloo offers scholarships for all degrees from undergraduates, masters, and PhD programs, to know more about the scholarships kindly visit the University of Waterloo Scholarship.

2. University of Saskatchewan: The University of Saskatchewan has a large research environment for Ph.D. students, they offer a sum of $20,000 for Ph.D. students during the period of study, to learn about this scholarship visit the University of Saskatchewan Scholarship.

3. McGill University: McGill University is one of the leading universities in Canada, it provides financial assistance by offering full scholarships to students who can’t sponsor their Education, learn more about the scholarships offered by visiting McGill University Scholarship

4. University of Toronto: The University of Toronto is a public university that is well-known for its research, they have the largest scholarship and awards in Canada, to learn more about the different scholarships visit the University of Toronto Scholarship.

5. Concordia University: Concordia University is a public university in Canada that offers fully funded PhD scholarships in Canada to international students to carry out their research effectively, to learn more about this scholarship visit Concordia University Scholarship.

6. University of British Columbia: The University of British Columbia offers scholarships to all international students that cover the duration of their study, to know more about this scholarship and their requirement visit the University of British Columbia Scholarship.

7. University of Alberta: The University of Alberta is known for its excellent academic standards they offer fully funded PhD scholarships in Canada for international students and Canadian residents, learn more about these scholarships by visiting the University of Alberta Scholarship.

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8. University of Ottawa: The University of Ottawa offers scholarships to master’s and PhD students who intend to further their studies, to learn more details visit the University of Ottawa Scholarship.

9. Montreal University: Montreal University Scholarships are available for all international students, for more information visit the Montreal University Scholarships.

Fully Funded PhD Scholarship In Canada Without IELTS

The University of Toronto is one of the top public universities in Canada, they offer fully funded PhD scholarships in Canada with the exemption of IELTS to their student, some other Canadian universities such as the University of Waterloo, University of McGill, Montreal University, University of Alberta, etc also accept International students without IELTS, all University in Canada have their different requirements it all depend on the university you wish to attend.

How to Qualify for a PhD Scholarship in Canada

The chances to qualify for a PhD scholarship in Canada all depend on the Scholarship requirements and eligibility

• Academic excellence with a high GPA.

• Have a research study background.

• Voluntary service to different communities.

• Organization and leadership skills.

• A professional work background.

• Academic achievements and awards.

• An acceptance offer letter from a university in Canada.

• Proof of financial need documents.

Easiest to Get Fully Funded PhD Scholarship in Canada

The easiest way to get a fully funded Ph.D. scholarship in Canada for international students is by applying early to scholarships, the competition for scholarships in Canada is very high, so applying early to these scholarships can create a higher chance for you, your eligibility status also create a higher chance of securing a scholarship in Canada.

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How To Get A Fully Funded PhD scholarship In Canada

The provision of scholarships has made learning easier in Canada, Studying a PhD program as an international student has been a challenge especially for students who sponsor themselves because it requires lots of research, and carrying out this research requires lots of money, which can be challenging together with living expenses. Here are a few steps to get a fully funded PhD scholarship in Canada for international students.

1. Search For Scholarships: Search for available PhD scholarships in Canada, the Canadian government offers scholarships for international PhD students, visit the official websites of the different scholarships available for PhD students.

2. Review The Scholarships: Review the different scholarships and the PhD programs available for full scholarships, and check if they align with your interests and goals.

3. Requirements: Every scholarship has its requirements, review all requirements to see if you are eligible for the scholarships.

4. Start Application: The Application process should be your next step complete the application and review your application to avoid any errors before submission, and submit all required documents needed for the scholarship.

5. Await Further Instructions: After application, you can keep in touch with the scholarship provider, and successful applicants may be called upon for a virtual interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get A PhD Scholarship In Canada From Nigeria?

Yes, you can get a PhD scholarship in Canada from Nigeria by applying to the available PhD scholarships in Canada and providing the necessary documents needed for the scholarships.

How Much GPA IS Needed For A PhD Scholarship In Canada?

A minimum of 3.0 or higher is needed for a PhD scholarship in Canada, a higher GPA is preferred as an international student.

Can I Get a Student Visa For Canada Without IELTS?

Yes, you can get a student visa without IELTS to further your studies in Canada, after you have received an offer letter from your school to study in Canada, you will need to provide proof of English proficiency to process your student visa.

Conclusion: Fully funded PhD Scholarships in Canada are available for international students around the world, applying early to these scholarships will create a higher opportunity to achieve a scholarship.