How to Block Glo SIM Card in Nigeria

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Are you worried about the safety and security of your GLO SIM card? Have you lost your phone and want to block your GLO SIM card to prevent unauthorized access? Whatever your reason may be, blocking your GLO SIM card is essential to protect your personal information and avoid unauthorized use.

This comprehensive guide will provide you with different methods to block your GLO SIM card, including online, using USSD, and through customer care. So, keep reading and take the necessary steps to secure your GLO SIM card.

Quick Ways to Block GLO SIM Card in Nigeria

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How Can I Block My Glo SIM Online

To block your GLO SIM online in Nigeria, go to the Glo official website and tap on the live chat option on the page.

Type a message in the search box and send then wait to be connected to a customer care agent. Once you’re connected, tell the agent you want to block your GLO line and provide your GLO mobile number.

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You’ll be required to provide additional information to show that you’re the original owner of the SIM, and your SIM will be blocked immediately. You can also send mail to [email protected] to block your Airtel SIM.

How to Block GLO SIM Card From Another Phone

If you don’t have access to a phone with GLO SIM, dial +2348050020121 from any other phone with a mobile network to speak with a Glo customer care attendant.

Request to block your GLO SIM and provide all the necessary information required, and your SIM will be blocked.

How to Block GLO SIM Using USSD

Dial #22# on your phone and press the call button. This will automatically block your SIM card, but this method only works if you still have access to your SIM card.

 Also, this method will block all incoming and outgoing calls. You can do this if you’re in a position where you know your phone will be taken, as in an armed robbery case.

How to Block GLO SIM Calling Customer Care

To block your Glo sim card by calling customer care, contact the Glo customer care line on 121 or 200 from your phone and request that your sim card be blocked. 

If you don’t have access to a phone with GLO SIM, dial +2348050020121 from any other phone with a mobile network to speak with a Glo customer care attendant. Alternatively, visit any Glo office near you and request that your SIM card be blocked.

How to Block GLO SIM From Settings

To block your Glo SIM card from your phone settings, navigate to the Settings app, select security, then choose Set up SIM card lock or Lock SIM card. After that, enter the default SIM PIN and your new PIN. Confirm your new PIN and tap Okay. Once you have done this, your personal new PIN is active. 

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This method adds an extra layer of security to your SIM card. A PIN would be required before anyone can use the SIM card in case of theft.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Block a Number on GLO?

To block a number on Glo, you can open the Phone app and click on the Menu icon (three dots in the top right corner). Click Call Settings from the drop-down menu then tap on Block numbers. Tap the plus sign on the top right to add the number you wish to block. 

You can also click I (Information icon) on the number you want to block. Scroll down until you find the Block this Caller button. Tap the button to block the number

How Do I Block All Incoming Calls?

The steps differ depending on the device and carrier. For Android devices, you can go to the Phone app, tap Settings, select the number you want to block calls from, and add it to the blacklist. For iPhone devices, go to Settings > Phone > Call Blocking & Identification and turn on Silence Unknown Callers.


Blocking your GLO SIM card in Nigeria is crucial in securing your personal information and preventing unauthorized access in the advent of loss and misplacement. With the different methods in this guide, you can easily block your GLO SIM card and prevent unauthorized use. Stay safe!