10 Hausa-Fulani Most Famous Foods

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The Hausa-Fulani people are one of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria and Africa. They are predominantly found in northern Nigeria and neighbouring countries. They have a rich and diverse culture, and one of the aspects of that culture that stands out is their food. Hausa-Fulani food is characterized by the use of grains, such as millet (Gero), sorghum (Dawa), and rice (Shinkafa), as well as spices, such as ginger, garlic, pepper, and cloves.

 They also use dairy products, such as milk from cattle rearing. Hausa-Fulani food is not only delicious but also nutritious. They have a variety of delicious, tasty dishes that are beneficial to your health.

This article will explore 10 Hausa-Fulani most famous foods and their main ingredients. We will also highlight some of the nutritional benefits of these foods and how they can be enjoyed. Let’s begin!

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10 Hausa-Fulani Most Famous Foods

Top 10 Hausa-Fulani Most Famous Foods

Below are 10 Hausa most famous foods, their main ingredients and how you can enjoy the food:

Tuwo Shinkafa

10 Hausa-Fulani Most Famous Foods

Tuwo Shinkafa is very popular in Hausa-Fulani foods and cooking. It is a thick porridge made from soft rice cooked and mashed.

This food is more famous among the Hausa-Fulani people of Niger State. 

The main ingredient used in cooking Tuwo Shinkafa is Shinkafa (Rice). The Shinkafa is cooked until very soft and then mashed to form balls like Fufu or Akpu.

Tuwo Shinkafa is usually eaten with different soups, such as Miyan Kuka (baobab Leaf soup), Miyan Taushe (pumpkin soup), or Okra soup. 

Tuwo Shinkafa is a gluten-free food that is rich in carbohydrates and easy to digest. It provides energy and fills the stomach for a long time. The food is popular among Laborers and those who know menial or hard jobs just like Ewa-Agoyin is popular among Laborers in Yoruba land.

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Dan Wake

10 Hausa-Fulani Most Famous Foods

Dan Wake is a popular snack or breakfast food in Hausa-Fulani cuisine. It is made from cooked beans formed into small balls and boiled. The main ingredient of this dish is the Beans and Kuka, which are boiled or cooked together to form small balls like Tuwo Shinkafa but much smaller.

Dan Wake is a high-protein food rich in iron and calcium. It helps to build muscles and strengthen bones.

Dan Wake doesn’t have a sweet taste or flavour, so it is usually served with Yaji (pepper), Suya pepper flavour, garden egg sauce or vegetable soup to add flavour, depending on your taste.


10 Hausa-Fulani Most Famous Foods

Masa or Waina, known in English as rice cake, is common in Hausa-Fulani cuisine. It is made from fermented rice cooked in a unique clay mould over a fire or a frying pan.

 Masa can be made from Rice (Shinkafa) or Maize (Masara), so the main ingredient in this dish is Rice or Maize, depending on which is used. Masa can be eaten plain or with different dishes or snacks, serving as breakfast, a late-night snack or Brunch.

Masa is best eaten with Suya and is quite popular across Nigeria. If you walk across any street or major road in Nigeria, you should see a spot where you’ll find a Hause man (Mallam) selling Masa and Suya.

Masa is a good source of energy, fibre, and vitamins. It helps to regulate blood sugar levels and is generally good for the body.

Miyan Zogale 

10 Hausa-Fulani Most Famous Foods

Zogale is the Hausa name for moringa, a plant that has been called a miracle tree because of its numerous health benefits. Miyan Zogale is a special soup made with Zogale (Moringa) to give a sweet, greenish savory taste and look.

Zogale can be used in various ways in Hausa-Fulani foods, such as in soups and rice, or even used to prepare sauce that can be used to eat Yam, Cocoyam, or Water Yam.

Zogale is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and immune-boosting properties. It helps to fight infections, reduce inflammation, and protect against chronic diseases.

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The Miyan Zogale is served with Tuwo Shinkafa, Dan Wake, or Masa. It can also be eaten with Fufu, Eba, Semolina, or other swallow foods.

Fura da Nono

10 Hausa-Fulani Most Famous Foods

Fura da nono is a traditional drink in Hausa-Fulani cuisine that consists of yogurt and millet. Fura is made from millet flour that is cooked and molded into balls. Nono is a locally fermented milk product similar to yogurt but less thick. 

Fura da nono can be flavored with different ingredients, such as chocolate, sugar, or spices. Some people add fried groundnut to spice up the drink, and others take it as a substitute for soda drinks when eating other Hausa delicacies like Suya or Masa.

Fura da nono is a probiotic drink rich in calcium and protein. It helps to improve gut health, prevent osteoporosis, and support muscle growth.


10 Hausa-Fulani Most Famous Foods

Kilishi is a type of dried meat similar to beef or Suya. It is made from thinly sliced beef cooked and spiced with several ingredients, dried under the sun, or grilled on a fire.

Kilishi is made from Sheep, Goat, or cow meat and is spiced with Kulikuli or grounded groundnut, giving it a unique taste that differs from Suya.

This Finger food can be eaten as a snack or with other foods, such as garri (cassava flakes), masa (rice cakes), or groundnut soup. Kilishi is very popular in Nassarawa State, and several drivers park at the roadside to buy it when coming from Abuja and driving through Nassarawa.

Kilishi is a low-fat food that is high in protein and zinc. It helps to satisfy hunger and can be taken with Alcohol or as an appetizer for more solid food to come or added to other food.

Miyan Kuka

10 Hausa-Fulani Most Famous Foods

Miyan Kuka is one of the most popular soups when it comes to Hausa-Fulani foods. It is made from kuka powder (ground baobab leaves) dissolved in water and boiled with palm oil and other ingredients, such as beef, fish, dawadawa (locust beans), and pepper. 

It is a good source of vitamins, iron, and potassium. It helps to regulate blood pressure.

Miyan Kuka is usually eaten with Tuwo Shinkafa (rice porridge) or Tuwo masara (corn porridge). You can also eat it with Eba (Garri) or any other swallow food.

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10 Hausa-Fulani Most Famous Foods

Suya is a type of grilled meat that is popular across Nigeria and West Africa. It is made from beef or chicken rubbed with yaji (suya spice or pepper), a mixture of groundnut sometimes and spices. 

If you walk the streets of any Northern state late at night, you can find Hausa men (Mallam) selling suya on the road. Suya is combined with Masa to give a perfect taste that is satisfying

Suya can be eaten alone or with other foods, such as rice or salad. Suya is a lean protein food rich in zinc and good for the body. It is a very popular finger food in the north.

Kuli Kuli

10 Hausa-Fulani Most Famous Foods

Kuli kuli is a fried snack made from groundnuts roasted and pressed to remove the oil. Kuli kuli can be eaten plain or with other foods, such as garri (cassava flakes), Masa (rice cakes), or groundnut soup. 

Kuli kuli is a plant-based protein food rich in healthy fats and magnesium. It helps to support heart health, lower cholesterol levels, and prevent muscle cramps.

Tuwo Masara

10 Hausa-Fulani Most Famous Foods

Tuwo Masara is made from corn flour cooked and stirred until smooth and then made into balls that can be swallowed using any soup of your choice. The main ingredient in this dish is corn, which is good for health and nutrition.

This soup can be eaten with different soups or stews, such as Miyan Zogale (moringa), Miyan Kuka, or any other Hausa soup that catches your fancy. 

Tuwo Masara is a gluten-free food that is low in calories and vitamin A. It helps to improve vision and boost your immunity against diseases and sickness.


In this article, we have explored 10 Hausa-Fulani most famous foods and their main ingredients. We have also highlighted some of the nutritional benefits of these foods and how they can be enjoyed. 

Hausa-Fulani foods are well known to be very spicy and delicious. Their most popular food is Masa and Suya, which can be found in any state in Nigeria. 

We encourage you to try some of these foods, and you’ll love their food. Checkout Nigeria’s Most Famous Foods to see other top Nigerian dishes you can try!