How to Subscribe to Airtel Night Plan + FAQs

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Activating an Airtel Night Plan is a way to enjoy cheap and fast internet access at Night without burning a hole in your pocket. This Plan is exclusively available for subscribers of Airtel Smart Trybe, a prepaid tariff plan offering various benefits such as free calls, cheap data, and night browsing.

In this article, I will show you everything you need to know about the Airtel Night Plan, including how much it costs, how to subscribe, how to check your balance, how to cancel, and also answer some frequently asked questions that you might have about Night Plan. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

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How to Subscribe to Airtel Night Plan + FAQs

Airtel Night Plan Price & Validity

The Airtel Night Plan costs N25 for 250MB, valid between 12 am and 5 am. You can only activate the Night Plan once, meaning you can only get 250MB for the Night, valid from 12 am until 5 am.

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How to Check Eligibility For Airtel Night Plan

Not all Airtel customers can access the Night Plan Bundle. The plan is only available for the Smart Trybe Tariff Plan subscribers. To know your current Airtel tariff plan, follow the instructions below:

  1. Dial 121# and press Send.
  2. Select 3 for Manage My Account.
  3. Select 5 for My Tariff Plan.
  4. You will receive a text message with your current Tariff Plan.

If you’re not on the Smart Trybe Tariff Plan, dial *412# and select the migrate option from the list to migrate to the Smart Trybe Tariff Plan. Read our article on how to check your Tariff Plan for more information and details about Airtel Tariff Plans.

Once you’ve checked your eligibility to confirm you can activate the Airtel Night Plan, follow the instructions below to subscribe to a Night Plan and enjoy seamless browsing on Airtel.

How to Subscribe to Airtel Night Plan

To subscribe to a Night Plan, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Dial *412#
  2. Select option 3, “250MB for N25.”
  3. After choosing your preferred night data option, you will be asked to confirm your subscription by replying “OK.” 
  4. Once you do that, you will receive a confirmation message saying, “You have successfully subscribed.” 
  5. You can now enjoy your night data from 12 am to 5 am.

How to Check your Airtel Night Plan balance

To check your Night Plan balance, dial *323#. You’ll receive a message with your data balance.

How to Cancel Your Airtel Night Plan Subscription 

If you want to cancel your Airtel Night Plan subscription, Send “STOP” to 312.

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Why Your Airtel Night Plan is Working

If you’re experiencing issues with your Night Plan, there are several reasons why it may not work. Some common problems include an unsuccessful subscription, an inactive plan, or not turning on your data connection. 

To fix these issues, you can check your data plan balance, ensure your plan is active, and turn on your data connection. By following these tips and strategies, you can hopefully resolve any issues you may be experiencing with your Night Plan and enjoy uninterrupted internet access.

 If you’re still experiencing issues, you can contact Airtel customer support for assistance. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Airtel Night Plan Still Available?

Yes. Airtel Night Plan is still available. However, it’s only available to those on the Smart Trybe Tariff Plan.

Does Airtel Night Plan Affect My Normal Data?

No, it doesn’t. When you subscribe to a Night Plan, Airtel will start deducting from your Night Plan balance, and once exhausted, your main data balance will start getting deducted.

Can I Subscribe to Airtel Night Plan More Than Once a Night?

No, you can subscribe to the Night Plan once a night.

Can I share my Airtel Night Plan Data With Another Airtel User?

No, you cannot share your Night Plan data with another Airtel user. It is only meant for personal use and is not transferable or shareable.

Can I Roll Over My Unused Airtel Night Plan Data to The Next Night?

You cannot roll over your unused  Night Plan data to the next night. It is valid for one night only and will expire at 5 a.m. If you want to use night data again the next night, you must subscribe again.

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Airtel Night Plan is a great way to enjoy cheap and fast internet access at night without spending too much money. However, you need to be aware of some limitations and conditions that apply to this plan, such as the validity period, the usage time, the multiple subscriptions, the data sharing, and the data rollover. 

I hope this article has helped you learn how to subscribe to Airtel Night Plan and enjoy cheap and fast internet access at night. Thank you for reading, and happy browsing!