How to Borrow Airtel Data

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Are you in a tight spot and unexpectedly ran out of Airtel data? Worry no more! Airtel has got you covered with the Airtel Credit Loan Service. This service allows you to borrow data when you run out, providing the perfect solution to reload your phone during emergencies and pay it back later. If you’re searching for how to borrow Airtel data, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, you’ll learn quick and easy steps on how to borrow Airtel data, ensuring you stay connected and can pay back later on your next recharge. Read on to discover this useful tip and stay connected with Airtel. Let’s get started!

How to Borrow Airtel Data

How to Borrow Airtel Data Using USSD Code

To borrow airtime from Airtel using USSD code, follow these steps:

Step 1: Dial *312# on your Airtel line

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Step 2: Select the “Borrow Data” option, from the list

Step 3: Next, choose the amount of airtime you want to borrow.

Then wait for a confirmation message from Airtel that you’ve borrowed the specified amount you’re eligible to borrow.


For more information on the available data plans that you can borrow using the Airtel Credit Loan Service, go here for more information. 

How to Borrow Airtel Data Through the MyAirtel App

Try the following steps to borrow Airtel Data via the MyAirtel app:

Step 1: Download the MyAirtel app from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Open the app and sign in with your Airtel mobile number.

Step 2: Tap on the “Data” tab.

Step 3: Tap on the “Borrow Data” button.

Step 4: Select the amount of data you want to borrow and send to borrow.

After completing these steps, you will receive a message confirming whether you are eligible to borrow data or not. If you’re eligible, the message will provide details of the borrowed data. 

How to Borrow Data From Airtel When You Are Still Owing

To borrow data from Airtel, it’s important to note that you must not have any outstanding debt. However, if you haven’t exceeded your borrowing limit, you may be eligible to borrow. To check your eligibility status, simply dial *312# and follow the prompts.

How to Borrow Data From Airtel Without Using 500

Dial *312# and select ‘Data’ then choose’ borrow data’ and continue the prompts to borrow data from Airtel without using *500#. Alternatively, you can use the MyAirtel app to borrow data. Ensure to follow the step-by-step instructions in this article to borrow airtime on your Airtel line.

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How to Borrow Data From Airtel Without Paying Back

There is no way to borrow data from Airtel without paying back. This is because the repayment amount with the fee or interest will be automatically deducted from your next airtime or credit recharge. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Can’t I Borrow Data From Airtel?

This may be because you’ve exceeded the limit you can borrow. Pay back what you owe and try to borrow again. You may also not be able to borrow data when you still have enough active data plans on your line.

What is Airtel Credit Loan Service? 

This service allows you to borrow data when you run out, providing the perfect solution to reload your phone during emergencies and pay it back later.

Who Is Qualified To Use Airtel Credit Loan Service? 

Airtel Credit Loan Service is available for:

  • Airtel customers who have registered their line and are on the prepaid plan.
  • Customers with regular monthly recharge of 200 or above. The higher your recharge volume, the higher the amount of data you can borrow.
  • Customers who have cleared previous data loans.

How Do I Know if I Can Use Airtel Credit Loan Service?

Dial *312# to check if you’re eligible to borrow data on Airtel. If you’re not eligible, you’ll be prompted to recharge at least N100 monthly to qualify.

How Many Times Can I Borrow Data?

You can borrow data as many times as possible as long as you’ve not exhausted your limit after which you’ll be required to pay back before you can borrow again.

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I Have Previously Borrowed Airtime and Haven’t Repaid My Loan. Can I Still Borrow Data?

Yes. You can borrow again if you’ve not exceeded your credit limit.

Is There a Service Charge?

Yes. There is a service charge of 15% which is deducted along with the actual amount for the data automatically on your next recharge.

How Do I Pay Back Loans From Data CLS?

You don’t have to go through any process to pay back your loan. This is because the amount and the service charge will be automatically repaid from your airtime balance when you recharge.


Airtel Credit Loan Service provides a convenient solution for Airtel customers who run out of data unexpectedly to borrow data and pay it back later. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can easily borrow data on your Airtel line. To check your Data Balance, check out our article on How to Check Airtel Data Balance

Remember there is a service charge associated with borrowing, it will be automatically deducted along with the borrowed data amount from your next recharge. Also, keep your line active and ensure you recharge regularly to be eligible to use this service. Stay connected with Airtel!